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Founded in January 2011, B&N Bookkeeping offers an array of full-service bookkeeping and accounting needs to small and big businesses everywhere. The founders of B&N Bookkeeping began the firm to offer a personalized approach to serving business owners with various accounting demands, by acting as their virtual CFOs. B&N Bookkeeping allows business owners to focusing on more important aspects of their business by taking care of their business as if it was their own. The bookkeepers at B&N Bookkeeping create programs to accommodate any business’ specific needs, whether simple or complex. In addition to basic bookkeeping, B&N Bookkeeping offers business owners advice on budgeting and accounting services many other bookkeeping companies do not offer. The bookkeepers are QuickBooks Pro Advisor certified and remain compliant with current GAAP Standards.

B&N Bookkeeping allows business owners to spend less time worrying about the financial woes of bookkeeping and other accounting-related issues and spend more time focusing on running their business more efficiently and building their business to new heights. The associates at the firm make working with them easy and convenient, by performing bookkeeping and accounting services both at the business location and remotely. B&N Bookkeeping offers bookkeeping made easy. To set up a free consultation with one of the reliable and knowledgeable advisors at B&N Bookkeeping , email info@bnbookkeeping.com today!

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  • Martinnut

    22 Jun 2020

    It is very nice to read your site, thank you very much for your work, it’s great!

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