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Apr 10th, 2011

Have you heard of a new cloud service called Dropbox? Well if you haven’t, “Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere. Any file you save to your Dropbox will also automatically save to all your computers, phones, and even the Dropbox website. This means that you can start working on your computer at school or the office, and finish on your home computer. Never email yourself a file again!”

Dropbox is a great way to access files and documents between computers. The software acts like a virtual private network, VPN, which lets you access and store files that are located on a remote server. Once installed on your computer, Dropbox will create a folder where you can drag and drop files that you would like to store on the server so there is no need to create a network map to access your files. Also, you have the convenience of accessing your files by logging into Dropbox.com, which completely eliminates the need for a USB flash drive or emailing yourself to work on files from a different location. With Dropbox you can collaborate with other users, simply by sharing a designated folder with them. However, be sure to save and exit each file or you will end up with multiple conflicting copies. Recently, Dropbox has created a mobile app which lets you access your documents from your mobile phone. As a free user, you will receive 2gb of storage space with the option to increase the storage space with either a monthly or by an annually discounted rate.


  • 2gb of free storage space
  • Share files with other Dropbox users
  • Access your files anywhere with an internet connection
  • Compatible between Mac OS and Windows OS


  • There is no indication that someone else is working on the same file, which will cause conflicting copies.

You can sign up for a free 2gb account at dropbox.com or click on this referral link to receive an additional 250mb.

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